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New Dan’s Dive Shop Website Launched!

Well here we are, 2014!  40 years of Dan’s Dive Shop adventures in scuba diving equipment and education!

amobile-laptop-tabletWe couldn’t think of a better way to finish off the last quarter of the dive season than by reworking our website to make a more user friendly interface that is easier reading, more friendly for scrolling, totally responsive for mobile and tablet applications, while also increasing the efficiency of our online store, newsletter signups, social media plug-in’s and of course making something fresh, clean and new!

The old site was great and still stands up above the many great dive store websites out there, but us being the innovators and leaders in the industry that we are, we decided it was time to up our game yet again.

A website for us should be a reflection of the dive store and we’re making some major changes at Dan’s each week. We’re making many visually pleasing improvements internally as the store undergoes some minor renovations. We’re getting prepped for some major overhauls over the fall and winter months.

It’s nice having such a great customer base to share in the fun and excitement with as well, so please feel free to give us any feedback you have with the changes, with our staff and instructors and just anything at all dive trip, store, gear or course related, we alway love hearing form our divers.

Some key features about the website you should know and use:

Social Media Links: 

We’re going social! Stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And help us find you by showing us your best dive pics with the hashtag #dansdiveshop.

Get Diving Directions:

We now have maps to all the dive sites we visit on Wednesday dives, as well as many of our favourite local dive sites. Check out our dive sites page where we have Google map links to show you how to get to them, instead of having to call the store and ask for directions, with 1 click your dive direction problems are solved! 

Interactive Calendar: 

You can integrate our courses and events section into your Google + account, Apple Calendar, Outlook, Timely Calendar, just scroll down the calendar page and hit the subscribe button.


If you found this blog, you’ll notice we have a more professional blog site that is dedicated to you and easily updated, archived and searchable for keywords or topics. Check back frequently as we add in more content regularly on all of our diving knowledge and experiences.

Enhanced Mobile and Tablet Applications

You’ll notice that our site has a responsive screen for mobile and tablets to make viewing on small screens as pleasurable and as easy to expand and reduce as possible.  This was one of our favourite features.

Improved Shopping Experience

We have always wanted a shopping cart e-commerce site that was easy to use both at the customer and admin level and we think with the new store you’ll find answers to your questions.  We have a new fully integrated shopping cart that lists stock availability (which isn’t interfaced with our actual POS store inventory, but should be closer to giving you real stock status), specials, a couple of different shipping providers, easier reviews to write and the ability to share products with the world of social media. Start shopping! 


We have integrated more of our PADI eLearn links throughout the site to make signing up for your next PADI scuba diving course easier than ever. 

Photos and Video Galleries

Something that everyone loves is looking through photos and watching our videos, so we’re going to make every attempt for you to keep these areas fresh and up to date.

Thanks for growing with us and we hope you enjoy the new site experience.

Yours in diving,
Team DDS.